April 20, 2018
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Simulation Development

Got an idea on your mind? We will develop it into a simulation!

We help our clients conceive and builds custom simulations that can be used in classrooms, training programs, and conferences. Don't make your learners just listen, let them actively paricipate and collarborate with other participants. Its a great way to teach and keep the class on its toes!



PowerPoints, slides, lectures can get extremely dull after few hours of training. Participants tend to loose focus and as a result the objective of the training program is defeated. Contrary to the traditional textbook methods of teaching, simulations provide an interactive way to learn and understand difficult and abstract concepts.

According to Mergendoller et al. (2004): Randel, Morris, Wetzel, and Whitehill (1992) examined 68 studies on the effectiveness of simulations and found that students engaged in simulations and games show greater content retention over time compared to students engaged in conventional classroom instruction.

As a tutor, you still play the invaluable role of building the theorotical base for the students. On the other hand, simulations will help you bring real-life scenarios to the students. This "Learn by doing" methodology helps student grasp the subject much better. Simulations a great way to give your team a live exercise to work on. It fosters participants to think actively and practically. The skills picked up in the process can be honed and evaluated in the fail safe environment of the simulation.

Simulations can take the learning experience far beyond the traditional "listen and practice" model to a completely "hands-on and practical" approach. They are ideally suited as a team building exercise from corporate boardrooms to classrooms. 

Simulations by Wizda

  • Custom simulations for businesses and government agencies
  • Custom simulations for educational institutes such as Engineering Schools, MBA Schools, K12 etc.
  • Custom simulations for NGOs and other public bodies

We provide an end-to-end solution, starting from devloping the concept for the simulation and designing the content to indetifying learning needs and developing the content delivery mechanism.

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